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What We Offer

Environmentally Conscious
We offer skin care solutions with the highest standards not only for revitalizing the skin, but for protecting the environment as well.

Effective Results
We've brought together four brands with highly effective skin care solutions with renowned clinical results by independent laboratories and dermatologists.

Organic & Vegan Friendly
Most of our brand's formulas focus on natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients. All are made with renewable energy sources and green manufacturing processes.

Ideal Care
Each brand combines a vision of renewed beauty for everyone paired with a cleaner future. This is beauty you can feel good about.



From the Sea to the Skin

PHYTOMER transforms the sea into skin care by capturing its fascinating essence. The sea, rich in vital nutrients, works in complete affinity with our cells for instant visible results. PHYTOMER offers everyone, everywhere, the benefits of the sea to reawaken their skin's natural health and beauty and to restore well-being through innovative, organic skin care products developed with green manufacturing methods to ensure the health of our oceans and nature.

Customer Testimonials

Five stars. This moisturizer is amazing. My skin just drinks it up and holds the moisture. I get compliments all the time on my skin. It’s all because of Phytomer. I’m 56 and I’ve used this skin care line since I was 40.

Linda Clark, CO United States
Hydra Original Thirst-Relief Melting Cream

Love this cleanser! I can totally tell the difference in my skin when I use it. It's light and leaves my skin feeling great. Clean but not dried out!

Samantha Malec, IL United States
Velvet Cleansing Cream

My favorite Phytomer product. This product is amazing. It's great to use as a serum, or mix with your moisturizer. If I go out at night it works great to mix in with my foundation as I do makeup touch ups.

Alisha Howe, AZ United States
Hydracontinue 12H Moisturizing Flash Gel


Authentic By Nature

Drenched in exotic sensations, Phytocéane provides sensorial skin care to whisk you away to the most beautiful destinations around the world while revitalizing your beauty. Phytocéane chooses natural, organic and high-quality ingredients that respect both the skin and the environment by way of sustainable cultivation and harvesting. Whether local or from abroad, each ingredient is also chosen in terms of its performance to provide the skin with proven, visible beauty results.

Customer Testimonials

I have always been skeptical about treatments to reduce the puffiness under my eyes which I have had for years. Much to my surprise within a few days of trying the sample size you send I could see a definite difference in the puffiness. I couldn't be more pleased.

Bonnie Bartalos, KS United States
Eye Contour Dark Circles and Puffiness

I first was introduced to this line of products at the Bellagio Spa in Las Vegas. I have used them for years and have not found anything I like better for me.

Diane Williams, IN United States
Moisture Defense Cream

A daily must-have. This is my first-step product right after washing my face. I had run out of product when moving last year and didn't re-order for several months. What a difference in my skin quality when I finally began using it again! Sensitivity was improved - no redness; moisture was enhanced - my skin looked supple and firm all day long; and my make-up made it through the day looking fresh.

Kim W, KS United States
Intense Moisturizing Serum


Floral Beauty

Highlighting the power of flowers in their scientific, poetic and sensory dimensions, Fleur's is the ultimate in floral skin care. With a dedicated R&D center that brings together over twenty scientists, Fleur's study's and cultivates the skin care possibilities of active floral ingredients for every skin concern. Fleur's believes in the exceptional ability flowers have to help reveal every woman's inherent beauty via natural formulas that are safe for the skin and respectful to nature.

Customer Testimonials

Yes! I love this product. I use it once in the morning and to take off my make up at night. Doesn't leave my skin all dried out or oily. High recommend.

Emily Schultz, OR United States
Magnolia Water Micellar Toning Makeup Remover

Amazing product. Just want to say this is the best lotion I have ever put on my skin. What a difference it has done to my dryness and texture. Hope you never stop making. Ordered two just in case.

Deborah Fried, FL United States
Aromavedic Body Milk to Oil

This gentle but effective peel when followed by moisturizing masque to work synergistically is equal to a professional facial -- but with more profound effects. My skin looks youthful, smooth and lifted.

Anonymous, OR United States
Golden Peel


Expert in Advanced Cosmeceuticals

Collaborating with a consulting esthetic doctor, Vie Collection selects the most powerful cosmeceutical ingredients and molecules at the cutting edge of dermatology and esthetic medical research for the visible correction of all signs of aging. Developed with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, Vie Collection's formulas offer an alternative or a complement to esthetic medical treatments to effectively enhance your beauty while also protecting the environment.

Customer Testimonials

Five Stars. Excellent. Love this in the evening.

Shirlee Broskea, MI United States
Wrinkle Dimension Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate

Best wrinkle cream yet! I love the scent and texture of this luxurious cream and it is the best wrinkle reducer I have have found yet. I went to lunch with a friend the other day and had to convince her I did not get botox! Thanks Vie Collection for keeping me youthful.

Jenny, NY United States
Chrono Lines Ultra Smoothing Cream

Five Stars. Great brightening balm. Love Vie.

Shirlee Broskea, MI United States
Chrono Eyes Puffiness - Dark Circles - Wrinkles

Ingredient Focus


INGREDIENT FOCUS: Organic, marine plants sustainably grown and harvested in the pristine, ocean waters along the Brittany Coast in France. OLIGOMER®, Phytomer's seawater concentrate, is a worldwide exclusive ingredient with incredible clinical results for reviving and fortifying the skin.


INGREDIENT FOCUS: Wild and organic plants, fruits and fresh waters from exotic destinations around the world, including Zanzibar, Iceland and Bora Bora, sustainably cultivated and harvested for limited environmental impact.

Vie Collection

INGREDIENT FOCUS: With Sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, Vie Collection's lab selects and assembles the most powerful cosmeceutical ingredients and combines them with molecules from the forefront of anti-aging research, to visibly correct skin aging.


INGREDIENT FOCUS: The Florarium, a unique, organic collection of forty floral ingredients and fruits studied and sustainably cultivated by scientists in a dedicated R&D center and incorporated into advanced formulas for the skin.

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Vie Collection



Each of our beauty brands is committed to the preservation of the world's bio-diversity and strictly enforce eco-friendly methods at each step of their manufacturing. From the use of renewable energy in their laboratories to their filtration gardens, which use plants to naturally purify waste water from production, our brands' sustainability programs have earned each of them Ecovadis Gold status. This independent label certifies their excellence in environmental and social practices making them amongst the top 5% of companies worldwide in this area.
In addition, LeSpa's Clean Green packing peanuts, using patented technologies, are made from a combination of potato and corn starch—not Styrofoam. They are biodegradable, compostable and friendly to our environment. They meet all FDA and EPA requirements and do not contain any heavy metals or ozone depleting substances (ODS).