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OLIGOPUR Shine Control Purifying Mask OLIGOPUR Shine Control Purifying Mask Nourishing Moisturizing Mask
Discontinued. Suggested replacement Phytomer OLIGOPUR Flawless Skin Mask.

Phytomer's OLIGOPUR Shine Control Purifying Mask purifies skin and brings out the complexion's natural glow. This velvety cream mask absorbs excess sebum and impurities without drying skin, leaving it supple and oil free. Complexion is fresh and radiant. Dermatologically tested.
Phytomer's OLIGOPUR Flawless Skin Mask provides a 3-in-1 treatment to purify skin, neutralize breakouts and provide a anti-shine effect thanks to an anti-bacterial algae and absorbent white clay. Phytoceane's Nourishing Moisturizing Mask provides an intense burst of moisture, nutrition and freshness for the skin. It is ideal for restoring softness, suppleness and vitality.
PURIFYING MUD MASK DOUCEUR MARIN Soothing Cocoon Mask CONTOUR RADIEUX Smoothing and Reviving Eye Mask
Phytoceane's PURIFYING MUD MASK eliminates impurities and absorbs excess sebum without irritating the fragile areas of the face. Purified and cleansed, the balance of the skin is restored and the complexion is radiant. Phytomer's smooth DOUCEUR MARINE Soothing Cocoon Mask offers a haven of intense comfort to sensitive skin. Its formula is rich in soothing and nourishing marine derived ingredients. Phytomer's CONTOUR RADIEUX Smoothing and Revivng Eye Mask, formulated with a powerful combination of active anti-fatigue ingredients and a creamy, fresh texture, is an essential treatment that effectively fights against puffiness and drooping in the eye contour area.
HYDRASEA Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask Hydra-Renewing Mask DENSENSITIZING SOOTHING MASK
Vie Hydra-Renewing Mask
Our Price: $84.00
This mask has an airy texture which is designed to be massaged with our without rinsing. It supplies a deep, rapid, and boosted level of hydration at the heart of the skin with a fresh aquatic fragrance. Discontinued. Suggest replacement MESOFORCE Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin Mask

Vie's fine, creamy Hydra-Renewing Mask is a true treatment to restore hydration, repair aging, and prepare the skin for targeted Vie products. Enjoy this pleasurable way to increase the skin's function and natural glow.
Phytoceane's DENSENSITIZING SOOTHING MASK diminishes the intensity of redness and irritation. It refreshes and calms skin allowing the complexion to regain its natural evenness and luminosity.
Fleur's Brightening Vitality Mask Remineralizing Lightening Mask ACCEPT Desensitizing Mask
Soft and slightly iridescent, this brightening mask permeates the skin and the complexion shows a light, true burst of radiance. Phytomer's rich Remineralizing Lightening cream mask restores original luminosity and remineralizes the skin. Phytomer's ACCEPT Desensitizing Mask is specifically formulated for skin that is intolerant to traditional cosmetics, this mask acts like a healing bandage to calm and soothe skin. Helps boost skin's natural defense system.
Purifying Regulating Mask Gentle Mask Photo-C Bright Radiance Mask
Fleur's Gentle Mask
Our Price: $44.50
Discontinued. Suggested replacement Pure Radiance Mask.

Fleur's Purifying Regulating Mask acts like a blotter to eliminate impurities and excess sebum, which dull the complexion. Skin is left perfectly purified, matte, and shine-free. Complexion is fresh and radiant.

Fleur's Gentle Mask moisturizes and reinforces the skin while reducing discomfort sensations. It provides softness and suppleness while brightening the complexion.
Vie Photo-C Bright Radiance Mask, inspired by phototherapy, restores the skin's original radiance and luminosity. Its formula combines Vitamin C with a refreshing molecule to reveal an incredibly radiant and brightened skin appearance right after the first application.
Creamy Moisturizing Mask MÉSOFORCE HYALURONIC ACID VITAMIN MASK CC CRÈME 02 Perfect Skin Solution SPF 20

Fleur's Creamy Moisturizing Mask provides a nourishing bouquet of floral extracts and moisturizing oils to restore suppleness, soften the skin, and brighten the complexion.
A meso-therapy inspired gel mask fusing three forms of hyaluronic acid with a trio of vitamins to hydrate, brighten and revitalize the skin.
A perfect combination of skin care and makeup, this light, smoothing cream offers the promise of beautiful skin. 02 Shade - medium to dark.
CC CRÈME Perfect Skin Solution SPF 20 travel size
A perfect combination of skin care and makeup, this light, smoothing cream offers the promise of beautiful skin.