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Bath Care Cleansing & Exfoliating Hydrating
Soothing & Specialty Firming & Anti-Aging Contouring & Cellulite
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Inspired by the beauty and potency of blossoming plants from around the world, this enticing collection of floral treatments, unites the nurturing properties of flowers with selected botanical extracts to reveal natural beauty through therapeutic extracts and skin care modalities inspired by ancient values. The blending of extracts, the marriage of therapeutic philosophies and the combination of proven cosmetic chemistry with ancient traditions, all come together to create Fleur's a bouquet of unrivaled beauty care products.
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Soft Hands Hydra-Replenishing Cream Rose-Jasmine Moisturizing Milk Rose-Jasmine Scrub

Fleur's Soft Hands Hydra-Replenishing Cream moisturizes, nourishes, softens and protects your hands. It also helps prevent the appearance of dark spots.
Fleur's smooth Rose-Jasmine Moisturizing Milk will leave your skin soft, moisturized and radiant. Rose-Jasmine Moisturizing Milk is made with Moroccan rose petals for a luxurious body moisturizer that works to renew, firm and moisturize the skin. Its beautiful fragrance combines rose, jasmine and orange floral water for a relaxing, theraputic experience. SWEET DEAL! Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

Fleur's Gentle Exfoliant will leave your skin clean, soft and smooth.

Rose-Jasmine Shower Gel Rose-Jasmine Ambiance Perfume 3 Flowers Nourishing Cream

Fleur's Rose-Jasmine Shower completes their line of deliciously scented Rose-Jasmine products including a scrub, moisturizing milk and candle. This sweet floral shower gel cleanses and refreshes the skin for an invigorating shower experience. Formulated with Moroccan Rose Petal to renew and firm the skin and Jasmine Floral Water to sooth and refresh, this shower gel provides the ultimate in luxury. Skin is left feeling soft, silky and completely refreshed.


Complete your Rose-Jasmine Collection with the Rose-Jasmine Ambiance Perfume, a fragrance with relaxing floral notes perfect for linens.

Fleur's delicately magnolia scented, silky 3 Flowers Nourishing Cream leaves your body feeling wonderfully younger and firmer. This product rehydrates the skin and combats slackening with its firming and smoothing effects.
Delight Scrub Flowers and Fruit Fleur's Passionflower Moisturizing Body Milk Body Delight Oil
Fleur's Body Delight Oil
Our Price: $60.00
Fleur's Creamy Delight Scrub Flowers and Fruit for the body combines a softening Orange Blossom extract, an appetizing Peach Blossom fragrance and fruit-derived exfoliating particles. Fleur’s Passionflower Moisturizing Body Milk hydrates and nourishes the skin. This shimmery and pearlescent body milk has a refreshing white gardenia fragrance and rapidly absorbs into the skin. Designed to protect skin’s stem cells, this milk features Lifting Floral Bouquet, a blend of four rare flowers that act in synergy to firm the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.
Fleur's Body Delight Oil, a dry and ultra-light body moisturizer, rich in natural oils.

Fleur’s Spa Bath Products

Fleur’s spa body care line uses the proprietary collection of specially formulated Floral Bouquets to deliver targeted skin care that corrects and nurtures every skin type. From basic cleansing to hydration and exfoliation to specialty treatments for specific skin ailments, Fleur’s spa bath collection includes a full regimen of whole-body beauty care made from the company’s own botanical extracts and raw materials.

Fleur’s practices sustainable, in-house plant growth to ensure the purity of their products and to minimize the company’s environmental footprint. Fleur’s spa body treatments feature floral extracts chosen for their balancing and correcting properties, preserving the natural scents and textures of the ingredients for a sensuous, relaxing spa experience every time you step into the bath. Fleur’s is natural luxury, developed responsibly. Be sure to explore our Sweet Deals for the best prices on this premium line of beauty care products!