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Inspired by the beauty and potency of blossoming plants from around the world, this enticing collection of floral treatments, unites the nurturing properties of flowers with selected botanical extracts to reveal natural beauty through therapeutic extracts and skin care modalities inspired by ancient values. The blending of extracts, the marriage of therapeutic philosophies and the combination of proven cosmetic chemistry with ancient traditions, all come together to create Fleur's a bouquet of unrivaled beauty care products.
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MAGNOLIA WATER Micellar Toning Makeup Remover Gentle Cleansing Water for Eyes and Lips Silky Cleansing Cream with Magnolia Extract
This micellar toning lotion with Magnolia extra removes makeup, tones and moisturizes the skin in one easy step. SWEET DEAL! Launch Sale - Receive 20% off!

Infused with floral waters of Rose and Gorse, this gentle makeup removal solution effectively removes even waterproof makeup while respecting the sensitive areas around the eyes and lips.
Fleur's delicate Silky Cleansing Cream with Magnolia Extract gently removes makeup and impurities from the skin, leaving it fresh, soft and radiant. Magnolia's bud, Coconut and Sunflower Oil Extracts protect the lipid barrier leaving skin supple and velvety.
Floral Smoothie Cleansing Foam Cream First Wrinkle Cream Golden Peel
Fleur's Golden Peel
Our Price: $51.00
This delightful foaming cream combines Peach Flower and Goji Berry extracts to gently remove makeup and cleanse the skin while revealing its freshness. Fleurs First Wrinkle Cream is a unique anti-aging cream with three anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients, selected to act in synergy against the signs of premature aging and preserve youthfulness. Fleur's rich textured Golden Peel is ideal for exfoliating mature, often weakened skin. Its natural enzymes gently refine the skin's texture to leave the complexion even and naturally radiant.
Exfoliating Cleansing Gel Matifying Cream-Gel Pure Balance Fluid
Fleur's Exfoliating Cleansing Gel removes makeup, impurities and excess sebum while unclogging pores and purifying and cleaning the skin.
Fleur's Matifying Cream-Gel is a lightweight gel with an instant anti-shine effect as well as providing an ultra-matte finish and moisture from the first application.
Fleur's Pure Balance Fluid is a lightweight fluid that deposits a true veil of purity on the skin and optimizes skin balance.
Pure Radiance Fluid Fleur's Brightening Cleansing Milk Fleur's Brightening Vitality Mask
Pure Radiance Mask
Our Price: $45.00
Fleur's Pure Radiance Fluid is fresh and creamy mask that promotes oxygenation of the skin and helps to unclog pores
This silky and evanescent milk perfectly cleanses the face and restores the skin's natural brightness resulting in a beautifully even complexion. Soft and slightly iridescent, this brightening mask permeates the skin and the complexion shows a light, true burst of radiance.
Fleur's Brightening Unifying Serum Cotton Flower Cleansing Milk Moisturizing Serum with Floral Bouquet
This concentrate has a melt-on-the-skin texture and visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots. Fleur's Cotton Flower Cleansing Milk softens the skin and preserves the hydrolipidic film using natural floral extracts. Fleur's Moisturizing Serum with Floral Bouquet helps replenish even the most dehydrated skin. Its ultra-fine texture is perfectly suitable for combination skin. The skin's thirst is quenched for a softer and more radiant appearance.
Radiant Moisturizing Cream Cotton Seeds Gentle Exfoliant Hydra-Nourishing Cream
Fleur's delicious revitalizing Radiant Moisturizing Cream protects, moisturizes and energizes the epidermis. Its light, silky texture leaves your skin soft and the complexion radiant. Fleur's Gentle Exfoliant is effective for all skin types. It refines and smoothes the complexion while preparing the epidermis to receive further treatment. Fleur's Hydra-Nourishing Cream delicately moisturizes and nourishes even the driest skin. Its creamy, melt-away balm delivers immediate comfort to the skin.
Intense Moisturizing Cream Gentle Cream Gentle Mask
Fleur's Gentle Cream
Our Price: $88.50
Fleur's Gentle Mask
Our Price: $45.50
Fleur's Intense Moisturizing Cream intensely nourishes and preserves even the most dehydrated skin. Skin rediscovers suppleness and a feeling of long-lasting hydration. Fleur's Gentle Cream soothes and relieves congestion and helps reinforce the natural defenses of the skin. It reduces redness and feelings of irritation and tightness in the skin. SWEET DEAL! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Fleur's Gentle Mask moisturizes and reinforces the skin while reducing discomfort sensations. It provides softness and suppleness while brightening the complexion.
Creamy Moisturizing Mask Youth Perfector Fluid Night Comforting Cream

Fleur's Creamy Moisturizing Mask provides a nourishing bouquet of floral extracts and moisturizing oils to restore suppleness, soften the skin, and brighten the complexion.
Fleur's Youth Perfector Fluid has a perfected formulation of ingredients to target wrinkles, skin texture, and complexion all at the same time. With its delicate, lightweight texture, the Youth Perfector Fluid has a velvety feeling upon application and leaves a powdery finish that is soft to the touch. Fleur's Night Comforting Cream moisturizes the epidermis all night long for skin that's visibly refreshed and lovely. Upon waking, skin is rested, intensely nourished and quenched. It has a comfortable texture and velvety feel to offer skin a glowing complexion.
FLORASKIN Youth Plumping Cream Hydra-Nutritive Floral Oil Smoothing Floral Oil
A “morphing” cream with a dazzling floral formula that blossoms to plump the skin, recreate substance and give it all the freshness of its youth. As sensory as it is effective, this plumping floral formula has remarkable results on wrinkles, firmness and facial volume. It is delicately scented with a smooth, velvety texture and envelops the skin in exquisite comfort. Day after day, skin regains the freshness of its youth: it is supple, smooth and resilient. Ultra-absorbent and very light dry oil, velvety finish. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin daily. Ultra-absorbent and very light dry oil, velvety finish. Smoothing and firming properties.
Purifying Floral Oil Night Smoothing Cream CC CRÈME 02 Perfect Skin Solution SPF 20
Dry oil to tighten pores and smooth skin texture. Healthier, cleaner and less visible imprections. Fleur's Night Smoothing Cream plumps and smooths skin thanks to smoothing floral ingredients and encapsulated hyaluronic acid. A perfect combination of skin care and makeup, this light, smoothing cream offers the promise of beautiful skin. 02 Shade - medium to dark.

Fleur’s Spa Facial Products

Backed by a combination of ancient skin care traditions and modern cosmetic science, Fleur’s sustainable beauty products harness the organic potency of blossoming plants for a fresh, naturally radiant complexion. Each Fleur’s spa facial treatment uses the healing and nurturing properties of flowers along with carefully selected botanical extracts, creating an unrivaled skin care experience that delivers lasting results.

To develop the unique formulas that make up this premium flower skin care line, Fleur’s cosmetic scientists choose proprietary blends of floral extracts that help to soothe and correct various skin conditions. Each “Floral Bouquet” harnesses the synergy between these naturally occurring extracts to provide targeted relief for dry, sensitive, aging or acne-prone skin. Explore the products specially formulated for your skin type to find an array of solutions that will help you discover your best skin, all while enjoying a spa-quality facial care experience born from nature’s most beautiful gifts.