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Phytomer Hydrating Skin Care

As the skin ages, it naturally becomes more prone to dryness and tightness. Those who live in drier climates or whose genetics predispose them to dry skin are also highly susceptible to the visible signs of dehydration—dullness, lack of elasticity and a greater risk for fine lines and wrinkles. Phytomer dry skin care is formulated with spa-quality marine ingredients that quench the skin with the natural hydration of the sea. Made without harsh chemicals, every Phytomer hydrating facial treatment is gentle enough for regular use.

Everyday moisturizers provide only temporary relief from the symptoms of skin dehydration. Phytomer products for dry skin penetrate deeply to deliver plumping, soothing ingredients to the underlying structures that determine the appearance of the complexion. Deeply repairing algae extracts restore moisture levels from the inside out while seaside plant extracts help to bind water in the tissues. Choose a marine treatment for dry skin that needs more than a quick boost after cleansing. Phytomer’s moisturizing line provides fast, lasting results that will help your skin glow all day.