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Fleur’s Spa Facial Cleansers

The science behind Fleur’s collection of floral extract facial cleansers is focused on developing the most effective botanical blends for each skin type. These blends, known as Fleur’s Floral Bouquets, combine the natural synergy of various floral ingredients grown sustainably in-house. Each is designed to correct and balance a specific complexion type or ailment, from dry and aging to sensitive or acne-prone skin. While many a lower-quality facial cleanser has been marketed as “flower face wash” with artificial fragrances and colors, Fleur’s uses only natural raw materials in combinations that allow the flowers’ scents and textures to shine.

The facial cleansing collection features products targeted at each skin type, delivering fresh, balanced, truly clean results that last long after they’ve been rinsed away. The therapeutic action of these potent ingredients is unrivaled among professional-quality floral beauty care brands. Use the power of nature to clean away dirt and impurities, resulting in a radiant complexion free from irritation.