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Dehydration is the main cause of 80% of all esthetic skin disorders. Based on this evidence, Phytoceane has developed a collection of natural marine skin care products for the face and body where hydration is at the center of each formula. To accomplish this an ingredient with extraordinary moisturizing power, Jania Rubens, a vegetal coral which has a similar protective structure as our skin is used in every Phytoceane product. The natural properties of this resource provide hydration and remineralization while other supplemental marine ingredients allow you to have skin glowing with health. Each treatment combines the powers of vegetal coral with targeted exotic ingredients found in the seas of the world.
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EXFOLIATING SOAP with Algae Bora-Bora Body Scrub Zanzibar Milky Body Cream
Phytocéane Exfoliating Soap cleanses impurities and gently eliminates dead skin cells. Phytoceane's Bora-Bora Body Scrub removes dead skin cells with grains of Bora Bora sand, leaving skin soft while also improving cellular regeneration. Phytoceane's Zanzibar Milky Body Cream softens skin and envelopes the body with an exotic fragrance.
Zanzibar Shower Gel ZANZIBAR MILKY BODY CREAM Travel Size COSTA RICA Creamy Body Scrub
Phytoceane's ZANZIBAR SHOWER GEL gently cleanses thanks to its velvety texture and provides all the benefits of ZANZIBAR ingredients for a sensory, exotic journey. Phytoceane's ZANZIBAR MILKY BODY CREAM softens skin and envelopes the body with an exotic fragrance. Phytoceane's COSTA RICA Creamy Body Scrub removes dead skin cells. Its formula, enriched with guava extract and shea butter, leaves the skin moisturized and scented with exotic notes.