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Fascinated by the mysterious alchemy at the origin of life, the Vie Collection researchers worked for over ten years on its creation and means of adaptation: year after year, they isolated essential elements from the marine, earth, and mineral environments and assembled them to create the best ingredients. Vie Collection has captured the essence of life in a unique complex, Concentré de Vie. Protected by four patents and foundation for all Vie products, Concentré de Vie infuses skin with new vitality. Extremely rich in trace elements, amino acids, polysaccharides, and phytosterols, it provides energy, hydration, and protection against cellular aging.
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MELA WHITE Radiance Brightening Essence Night Peel Progressive Resurfacing Cream MELA NIGHT EVEN SKIN CORRECTION FLUID
MELLA WHITE starts up every pigmentation skin care routine to defy visible pigmentation flaws and a dull complexion. A truly refreshing, slightly astringent "splash," MELA WHITE leaves skin with a very soft, velvety-smooth finish.
Vie's Night Peel brightens and evens the complexion with a time-release exfoliation throughout the night. Vie Collection's MELA NIGHT EVEN SKIN CORRECTION FLUID is a featherweight moisturizer that combats hyperpigmentation by night, when the skin is in repair mode and pigmentation peaks.
PHOTO-C Dark Spot Concentrate Photo-C Bright Radiance Mask MÉSOFORCE HYALURONIC ACID VITAMIN MASK
Vie's PHOTO-C Dark Spot Concentrate is an innovative complex of ingredients with a revolutionary design that is inspired by the precision of lasers. It visibly acts on localized dark spots. Vie Photo-C Bright Radiance Mask, inspired by phototherapy, restores the skin's original radiance and luminosity. Its formula combines Vitamin C with a refreshing molecule to reveal an incredibly radiant and brightened skin appearance right after the first application. A meso-therapy inspired gel mask fusing three forms of hyaluronic acid with a trio of vitamins to hydrate, brighten and revitalize the skin.

Vie Hyperpigmentation Products & Solutions

Localized dark spots on the face are a classic sign of aging and skin damage. Over the years, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause unsightly hyperpigmentation in certain areas of the face, making the complexion appear uneven and dull. Vie products for dark spots are inspired by medical esthetics and formulated with the most powerful lightening ingredients including AHAs, glycolic acid, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, gladridin and antioxidants. The result is a complexion that’s visibly brighter, more even and healthier at the cellular level.

Each Vie hyperpigmentation treatment works quickly to target dark spots and lighten them, blending stubborn areas with the rest of the complexion far more effectively than any drugstore brand. The ingredients within Vie skin brightening products have the power to provide lasting results, putting you on the path to a perfect complexion. Vie Collection brightening products provide an effective alternative to medical laser lightening services, bridging the gap between traditional cosmetics and esthetic medicine.