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Fleur’s Spa Hydrating Treatments

Dry skin causes the complexion to look dull and tired, exacerbating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially for those with aging skin. Daily moisturization is vital for combating these signs of dryness. Even for those with naturally oily or combination skin, sun exposure and harsh winter weather can cause dehydration that keeps the face from looking and feeling its best. Fleur’s facial hydration products offer relief from dryness for every skin type, whether your skin requires a simple daily moisturizer or a more intensive treatment.

The floral facial hydration collection contains a variety of products developed according to Fleur’s proprietary ingredient blends, called Floral Bouquets. Each Bouquet is designed to balance and correct a particular skin type with botanical extracts and potent natural nutrients. Fleur’s facial moisturizing line penetrates deeply to plump and quench the skin from the inside out, delivering visible, lasting results for every type of complexion.