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Experience the spa at home! Skin care, body care, free samples with every order and more!

Welcome to world of LeSpa USA! Now you can experience the luxury and relaxation of the spa right in your own home. We offer elite skin care products from Phytomer, Phytocéane, Fleur’s, Equavie and Vie Collection. You can shop by skin care brand or category to find a professional-grade skin care regime designed to meet all your beauty needs. We offer many added value promotions and regularly feature items with “sweet deal” pricing.
We’re confident you’ll find a solution at LeSpa USA– whether you’re looking for a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, mask, serum, eye cream, moisturizer or more. Treat yourself from head-to-toe and beautify the body with relaxing baths and shower creams, moisturizing and anti-aging body solutions and the latest in contouring and cellulite-fighting technology. The professional products featured on LeSpa can address not only your skin type but its current condition from dry to sensitive and everywhere in-between.

Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive or mature skin - rest assured products available through LeSpa USA are made with the highest standard, using the most natural ingredients and resources.

Wondering what to expect? LeSpa USA offers fantastic promotions and free gift with purchase deals - just check out our Sweet Deal page here. Another added bonus? Every LeSpa USA order comes with free samples and goodies for you to test and try!

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Wondering which brand is right for you?

Phytomer at a glance:
With over 40 years as the leader in the marine skin care, Phytomer is now a pioneer in the field of marine biotechnology, the future of results-oriented cosmetics. This is the newest technology to create innovative, 100% natural skin care ingredients. Based in Saint-Malo, France and distributed in 70 countries worldwide, Phytomer has a reputation of leadership and expertise within the spa industry. With Phytomer meaning “plant of the sea,” we utilize seawater, seaweed or seaside plants in every retail and professional product, combining science with the natural powers of the sea.

Phytocéane at a glance:
When exploring the secrets of Phytocéane you will discover a natural, marine brand that reveals precious JEWELS OF THE SEA and sets itself apart as a true treasure in the spa industry. Nestled in the heart of the Emerald Coast in France, Phytocéane embodies the region’s timeless tradition of travel, escape and discovery. This professional, naturally-based facial and body care line utilizes resources and ingredients found in the most pristine, beautiful seas around the world.

Fleur’s at a glance:
Fleur’s, literally meaning “flowers,” draws its inspiration and actives from the beauty and power of the floral universe, the splendor and expression of art and ultimately the inexhaustible possibilities of science. These passions are synergistically combined with aromachology, fruits, minerals, floral waters and organic ingredients to create an effective and sensorial skin care line. Fleur’s focus is blending effective treatments with a true spa experience in every facet - unique and imaginative treatments and techniques.

Vie Collection at a glance:
As a cosmeceutical expert in the spa industry, Vie Collection is a high performance, high-end skin care line focused on bridging the gap between traditional cosmetics and esthetic medicine. We offer in-spa solutions for a spa-savvy clientele that seek medical results but prefer the use of topical products. Vie Collection has targeted, non-invasive and clinically proven alternatives and complements to the top five cosmetic medicine procedures available today.
With the partnership of a prestigious French esthetic doctor, Vie Collection brings expertise, authenticity and real results in the form of expert formulations and treatments, from the finest ingredients.

LeSpa USA is an approved seller for Phytomer, Phytocéane, Fleur’s, Equavie and Vie Collection.

LeSpa's Clean Green packing peanuts, using patented technologies, are made from a combination of potato and corn starch, and not Styrofoam. They are biodegradable, compostable and friendly to our environment. They meet all FDA and EPA requirements and do not contain any heavy metals or ozone depleting substances (ODS).